Account-Based Marketing

Don't wait for the client to come to you. Instead of casting a wide net to catch prospects, go spear fishing to get the ideal customer.


11/16/20233 min read

Account-Based Marketing
Account-Based Marketing

Prevail Marketing is pleased to announce the release of its latest eBook, "Account-Based Marketing - Don't Wait for the Client to Come to You!" This eBook consists of 21 pages. It provides you with why account-based marketing (ABM) should be a part of your marketing plan if you have a number of high-value prospects.

ABM works, because it provides a targeted outreach to companies you know would benefit from your services by leveraging a highly personalized buying experience directed toward decision-makers and internal influencers.

Our ABM eBook is designed to provide you with an understanding of how to implement an ABM program utilizing best practices. We have utilized this methodology for a number of clients, and the results have been spectacular. Included in this eBook are the following chapters:

  • What is Account-Based Marketing

  • When to use ABM

  • How ABM differs from demand generation

  • Why ABM works

  • The benefits of ABM

  • By the Numbers (proof ABM works)

  • How to implement an ABM program

  • ABM strategies that work

  • What ABM metrics to track

  • The best ABM platform

Prevail Marketing has had a number of clients that say, “There are 50 companies, who if we could ever get any one of them to buy our product, we would have a record year” We generally learn about this when we conduct engage our Discovery and Assessment Process at the start of every engagement. When that is the situation, we will include it in our marketing plan for an ABM program.

Implementing an account-based marketing strategy can be highly beneficial for businesses.

Higher Conversion Rates: Because it provides a hyper-personalized targeted approach to customer acquisition, by focusing on specific individuals within a specific account, it has a higher conversion rate.

Improves Client Retention: Account-based marketing enables businesses to build stronger relationships with their key accounts, leading to increased customer loyalty and retention.

Better Alignment: ABM requires that the Sales and Marketing team work as a single entity. This alignment creates a higher conversion rate.

Competitive Advantage: Companies that have an ABM program stand out from competitors by providing a tailored and customized experience for their key accounts. This will give them a competitive advantage.

Quicker Client Acquisition: The highly focused nature of an ABM program means that the targeted companies will learn more quickly about your unique value proposition and how you can help them solve their problems and concerns.

Marketing and Sales Optimization: ABM provides valuable insights and data on the preferred channels and content of key accounts, allowing businesses to optimize their marketing efforts and achieve better results.

CASE STUDY: There was one fragrance company that sold custom designer fragrances to large-chain specialty shops. Because of industry consolidation, there were only 100 potential clients in the entire world who could buy from. Each client had the potential to buy over five million dollars in products. This fragrance company tried emails, events, webinars, direct mail, and anything they could think of to get the attention of decision-makers and internal influencers. It was all to no avail, until they adopted a unique program that grabbed their attention.

In our discovery process, using social media, we learned a lot of personal information about the decision-makers in each of these companies, including such things as the city they were located, the name of their significant other, and often something they cherished.

In one of the most personalized ABM programs, they created unique fragrances for their initial group of targeted companies. Each fragrance had a name and a feature that was specifically important to that person. For example, a CEO living in Chicago got a fragrance that was called Chicago’s Spring, and it contained scents of flowers that would be blowing in Chicago during the spring.

Fragrances for other CEOs might be named after their spouse, pet, or favorite piece of art, whatever was special or unique to them.

Imagine getting a delivery that is to be opened only by you. It comes in an elegant box and has a crystal perfume atomizer. The note card explains the relevance of that perfume and its name to you.

When the CEOs received a call the next day from the fragrance company, they took the call and the proposed meeting. The moral of the story is to be inventive when you engage in any ABM program.

ABM can be an effective approach, when you know all the players, and the potential win is big. Because you are providing each decision maker and influencer with personalized information that pertains to their pain points and concerns, it makes you a more credible solution and produces fewer objections.


ABM is a collaborative effort that brings Sales and Marketing together to cooperatively create emotional and intellectual touch points with each key persona in the targeted company. An ABM is a hyper-personalized strategy that focuses your marketing and sales efforts on a limited set of accounts, rather than trying to market yourself over a broad spectrum of organizations.

If you have potentially high-value prospects, which could significantly impact your bottom line if you landed them, consider an ABM approach.