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December 2023

Growth Enablement - The ONLY Path to Growth!

Growth enablement looks beyond just the sales department and its relationship to marketing or software. It looks to the entire organization and seeks to optimize any and all opportunities to acquire, retain, upsell, and evangelize prospects and clients. It embodies the frictionless experience of the client throughout the entire lifecycle. 12/1/2023 Blog

Inbound Marketing is Dead! Long Live Inbound Marketing!

Inbound Marketing is Dead! Long Live Inbound Marketing! In 2005, Brian Halligan coined the term "Inbound Marketing" and shortly thereafter formed the greatest inbound marketing platform, HubSpot. But even HubSpot did not use that definition to grow its dynasty. Welcome to the New and Improved Inbound Marketing that even HubSpot embraces.. 12/2/2023 Blog

Make Sales Faster!!!! Use an Inbound Sales Methodology

The number one inbound marketing company, HubSpot, found a way to use inbound marketing tactics to generate sales quickly. Quit Cold Calling and use the Inbound Sales method. Learn the five-step approach to quick sales Methodology 12/3/2023 Blog

Client Retention - You're Either The Solution or The Problem

Client retention is all about building, and maintaining the client's trust. Mistakes will happen, problems will arise, and if you have built trust with the client, they will afford you the time and opportunity to remedy them. 12/4/2023 Blog

Discover How to Create Great Content

We share best practices and strategies that have proven effective for our clients. How to create a content marketing program that will enthrall, compel, and produce customers. Today we discuss the importance of relevance, timing, and location. 11/5/2023 Blog

Create Compelling Content - Use the Content Marketing Formula

Create compelling content using the content marketing formula. By following these best practices content marketers can optimize their strategies, improve #SEO, and achieve qualified leads. 11/6/2023 Blog

November 2023

Your Marketing Department has the Power to Prevent Churn

Today’s discussion is where the rubber meets the road. We will discuss the actual strategies that the Marketing department should undertake to ensure that clients feel valued and want to continue doing business with you..#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #churn #customer retention #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/29/2023 See Blog

Serious About Client Retention? Better call Sales (and Product Team)

Today’s discussion is about the expanded role that the Product Development and Sales Department needs to take to help eliminate churn. Simply relying upon Customer Support will result in higher churn that translates to slower growth and decreased profitability.#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #churn #customer retention #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/30/2023 See Blog

How to Grow Your Business Through Better Customer Retention

Grow your business faster through better client retention. Client retention needs to be held in the same regard and has the same level of time, talent, and resources as customer acquisition.#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #churn #customer retention #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/28/2023 See Blog

Learn How to Prevent Customer Churn!

A Harvard Business School study showed that, on average, a 5% increase in customer retention rates results in a 25% – 95% increase in profits. We start a five-day discussion that looks at each department's role in improving customer retention rates. Over this period, we will give concrete strategies that work. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #customerretention #churn #Sales #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/27/2023 See Blog

B2B SaaS - How to Create a Winning Strategy for Growth

Are you a frustrated B2B SaaS owner who is frustrated because your business has little to no growth? Are clients churning as fast as you bring on a new one? Today, we start a five-part series on How to Grow Your B2B SaaS Business. We invite you to come along and learn marketing strategies that have been highly successful for our clients #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #B2BSaaS #SaaS #Growth #Sales #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/22/2023 See Blog

Foundational Strategies to Grow Your B2B SaaS Business

There is no silver bullet, or secret strategy, that will deliver you marketing/sales success. It is all about doing a lot of activity, right. The reality is a lot of SaaS marketing is a game of inches, where incremental improvements and optimizations will result in a percentage increase in demos. Those seemingly small incidental increases add up. Today, we are going to examine some of the fundamental programs that we have utilized in successful SaaS marketing programs. .#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #B2BSaaS #SaaS #Sales #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/23/2023 See Blog

Four Spectacular B2B Marketing Strategies

Get B2B SaaS Wins Before 2024

The year is about to close out and you have not yet met your quota. We have strategies that will help you close out 2023 with a bang! The only catch is you need to act now!.#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #B2BSaaS #SaaS #Sales #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/25/2023 See Blog

One of the reasons that B2B SaaS companies fail is they either are not paying attention to the right metrics, or failing to correct those they are tracking. We share our scorecard on the metrics you need to track for B2B Success.#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #B2BSaaS #SaaS #Sales #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/26/2023 See Blog

Get B2B SaaS Measure What Matters

Learn How Your Home Page Can Build Trust and Conversions

Learn how to leverage social proof by providing evidence that others have had positive experiences with the product or service being offered. It utilizes several principles from “Influence: The Power of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini. Specifically, the Law of Social Proof, the Law of Authority, and the Law of Liking.:#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #UX/UI #WebsiteDesign #Website Development #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/21/2023 See Blog

Account-Based Marketing

ABM works, because it provides targeted outreach to companies you know would benefit from your services by leveraging a highly personalized buying experience directed toward decision-makers and internal influencers. Our ABM eBook is designed to provide you with an understanding of how to implement an ABM program utilizing best practices. We have utilized this methodology for a number of clients, and the results have been spectacular. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #ABM #account-based marketing #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/15/2023 See Blog

Marketing Automation - Why You Need It

One of the most foundational pieces of software necessary for a successful marketing program is a Marketing Automation Platform. That is why it still surprises me when a company wants to engage in our results-driven approach to marketing/sales success but balks at the use of the right software or tools. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. marketingautomation #HubSpot #Marketo #Pardot #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/16/2023 See Blog

Marketing Automation - How to Evaluate Your Options

What factors should you consider when buying a Marketing Automation Platform? There are a vast number of factors that need to be considered. A few of them are: Cost What do you need it to do? Learning Curve/Ease of Use Scalability Data Security Customer Support Integrations rCommerce v. eCommerce Marketing/Sales Alignment #MarketingTips #BestPractices. marketingautomation #HubSpot #Marketo #Pardot #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/17/2023 See Blog

UX/UI Failures: Main Navigation

Are you able to attract visitors to your website, but you can't make them stay? SHAKE IT OFF! Seriously the problem might be your website's ux/ui. Today we are starting a series on best practices and some of our pet peeves on how too many companies are crippling their efforts through foolish mistakes. Today, we will discuss the UX/UI of the main navigation menu.#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #UX/UI #WebsiteDesign #Websit Development #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/18/2023 See Blog

We will give you psychological tricks and strategies to keep people engaged. The importance of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) on the home page of a website cannot be overstated. The home page serves as the virtual front door to a website, and it is crucial to make a positive first impression.#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #UX/UI #WebsiteDesign #Websit Development #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/20/2023 See Blog

The header is one of the most important features on your website, as the ratio between the space it takes and the benefits it gives, is unparalleled. In fact, we contend that the header is the most valuable real estate on the entire website. It must attract and compel the visitor to act. Most visitors will not navigate any further into the website unless the header:#MarketingTips #BestPractices. #UX/UI #WebsiteDesign #Websit Development #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/19/2023 See Blog

How to Keep Visitors Engaged on Your Website

Don't Squander Your Most Valuable Real Estate - Your Header

How to Build a Website that will Please Google and Convert Customers

Part 1 of a series on how to make your website resonate with your customers and deliver results #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #websites #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/8/2023 See Blog

Gamification has taken the marketing world by storm, and for good reason. It is a powerful tool that can help businesses build client retention and create brand advocates. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #Gamification #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/9/2023 See Blog

The Magical Mysterious World of Growth Hackers

While the agency model is not broken, it does have its limitations. Not every business can afford to hire a full-service agency Sometimes a Fractional CMO/CGO is all that is needed. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #buyerpersona #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/7/2023 See Blog

Is the Agency Model Broken? No, but Maybe you just need a Fractional Chief Growth Officer

Level Up Your Marketing: The Power of Gamification

The key traits of a great Growth Hacker are daring creativity and an understanding of both metrics and marketing. Growth Hackers are more than marketers; they may impact the distribution and the product itself to foster overall growth. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #GrowthHackers #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/10/2023 See Blog

This eBook is NOT a regurgitation of information currently available in those other publications that proclaim themselves to be the definitive guide. We have endeavored to provide a unique perspective, the most current information, and a complete re-examination of the space and practices. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #InfluencerMarketing #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/11/2023 See Blog

The ALMOST Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

The one book every person should read, and that has helped me more than any other business publication, is “Influence: The Power of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini. This book provides you with tools to craft compelling marketing messaging, obtain sales, and win arguments. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #InfluencerMarketing #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/12/2023 See Blog

The Laws of Influence - the Psychology of Getting to YES

We will explore four leveraging strategies that Prevail Marketing has successfully utilized for our clients. These strategies created exponential growth for them, and they can for you. The four strategies are: Influencer Marketing Affiliate Marketing Referral Programs Reseller Programs. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #leverage #affiliate #resellers #refferals #influencers #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/14/2023 See Blog

Writer's block is a real thing. You can be cranking out content, and suddenly, you are at a loss for what you should say next. Maybe you are lucky, and you have enough written that you can simply stop and write a conclusion. But what do you do if you are only 600 words into a long-form blog that has a 1500-word minimum? The good news is that we have developed several strategies you can employ to overcome it. #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #ContentMarketing #marketingstrategy #marketing #blogs. 11/13/2023 See Blog

Leverage Your Way to Growth

How to Solve Writer's Block

The Great Marketing Experiment of 2023/24

Prevail Marketing begins the Great Marketing Experiment by posting content every day on eight platforms for one year. 11/1/2013. See Blog

How do You Define Marketing Success?

Prevail Marketing believes the ONLY definition of marketing/sales success is SUBSTANTIAL increases in CUSTOMERS, REVENUE, and PROFITABILITY. 11/2/2023 See Blog

How to Achieve Marketing/Sales Success!

Defining marketing success is easy, but achieving it is harder and requires four elements: Talented People, Proven Process Discipline, and Reporting. Learn the secrets and techniques that have been developed and refined over 15 years. 11/3/23 See Blog

How to Create Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas are not a person's demographics or a fictional construct. They are developed through a process and will tell you what content you need to create and where you should distribute it to attract, engage, and nurture a person from a prospect to a client. 11/4/23 See Blog

Blog Your Way To Growth

This is part three of our Marketing/Sales Success series. Part one was entitled How to Achieve Marketing Sales Success (The Secrets Revealed). Part two covered How to Create Buyer Personas. We discuss how to use the information you obtained. #buyerpersona #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/5/2023 See Blog

Buyer Personas - The Foundation of Marketing Strategy

Do you want Google to fall in love with you? Then blog your way into the search engine's heart and find yourself on page one! #MarketingTips #BestPractices. #buyerpersona #marketingstrategy #marketing #sales. 11/6/2023 See Blog