The AMOST Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing (New eBook)

A 75-page eBook is NOT a regurgitation of information currently available. We provide a unique perspective and the most current information available. This is a complete re-examination of the space and practices.


Bill Arnold

11/12/20233 min read

The ALMOST Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience. With the rise of social media platforms and the increasing use of smartphones, consumers are now more connected than ever before. This has created a unique opportunity for brands to leverage the influence of social media influencers to promote their products or services.

It is our contention, that influencer marketing has evolved since the 2020 pandemic. As the world went into lockdown, countless individuals who had time on their hands looked to entertain themselves and others by taking to social media. Many of them amassed tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of followers who connected with their personalities or loved their content.

When the pandemic ended and many people went back to their normal lives, these influencers found they had acquired a new career and their followers supported them. The brands adapted as well to this new reality and aligned themselves with influencers who had captured the hearts and minds of the public.

We believe a new paradigm occurred, and the old definitions of influencers no longer work. The opportunities that can be applied to both B2C and B2B provide businesses with a new path to connect with their customers and would-be customers.

It is time to re-write the book on influencer marketing. Today, we are releasing a 75-page eBook entitled, The Almost Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing. Who should read this eBook? Anyone who plans to use or become an influencer will find the content valuable.

This eBook is NOT a regurgitation of information currently available in those other publications that proclaim themselves to be the definitive guide. We have endeavored to provide a unique perspective, and the most current information, and a complete re-examination of the space and practices.

We are introducing additional influencer categories and having a truthful examination of why you want to adopt an influencer marketing program. We will provide real-world examples of such programs, including strategies and techniques that have proven effective for both B2B and B2C companies across a broad spectrum of verticals. We will explore why influencer marketing is so popular and the science behind how it works. We will identify some of the missteps that you need to avoid.

While this is not the definitive guide, (avoid any publication which proclaims that they have ALL the information that is known on any subject), we did try to be thorough and included the following chapters:

  • What is influencer marketing?

  • Who are influencers?

  • Types of Influencers

  • Mega Influencers

  • Subject Matter Influencers

  • Macro Influencers

  • Mid-tier Influencers

  • Micro Influencers

  • Nano Influencers

  • Why use influencer marketing?

  • What to measure?

  • Science behind influencer marketing

  • Types of influencer marketing programs

  • How to find influencers?

  • What is the best platform?

  • What are the costs of influencers?

  • Impact of artificial intelligence

  • Legal considerations

Influencer marketing has changed the digital landscape. The ability to leverage another person or organization's trust, authenticity, and relationships makes influencer marketing one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s playbook. Regardless of your business size, industry, or niche, there is an influencer marketing program that will work for you.

We hope this information will provide you with an understanding of the possibilities and opportunities that influencer marketing can bring to you. However, in the end, this is a framework to build upon.

Every company and influencer needs and business model requires a unique approach. We hope this eBook helps you develop a strategy that works for you. Despite the length of this eBook, we were only able to discuss the tip of the iceberg. Like any marketing strategy, take the time to learn before you engage.

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