Fractional CMO CGO
Fractional CMO CGO

Fractional Chief Marketing and Growth Officer

Struggling to find the right strategy, the leadership, the direction? Our Fractional CMO/CGO programs are your answer

Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs, and Drive Growth

All companies want and need growth. When the inhibiting factor is the lack of experience, knowledge, or expertise in Marketing and Sales, there is a solution. If a company cannot afford to hire a highly qualified full-time Chief Marketing or Chief Growth Officer, then an affordable Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or a Fractional Chief Growth Officer (CGO) may be the perfect solution.

What Can a Fractional CMO/CGO Do For You?

A fractional chief marketing officer or a fractional chief growth officer can provide significant benefits to a business. We will provide you with a fractional officer who has decades of experience in your industry. Someone who can hit the ground running and provide you programs they have proven work.

Typical duties of a fractional chief marketing officer include developing marketing plans, overseeing marketing campaigns, analyzing market trends, and identifying target audiences. They are also responsible for managing the marketing budget and ensuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts. On the other hand, a fractional chief growth officer focuses on driving business growth through various strategies such as market expansion, product development, and customer acquisition. They collaborate with different departments to align growth initiatives and develop actionable plans. Overall, hiring a fractional chief marketing officer or a fractional chief growth officer can bring valuable expertise and insights to businesses, resulting in improved performance and increased revenue.

For those organizations who find themselves questioning why they are not growing faster and who have hired a young or inexperienced Marketing and Sales team, a fractional CMO/CGO can provide a number of benefits:

Cost Savings: Most startups or mid-sized businesses cannot afford a highly qualified CMO/CGO. Bringing on a person to fulfill those tasks on a fractional basis allows the company to garner all the benefits of an experienced leader at a fraction of the cost.

Expertise: Fractional CMOs/CGOs are senior-level executives who have successful experiences working in companies like yours. They can bring decades of wisdom and experience to help your company. Most small to medium-sized businesses could not afford such talent on a full-time basis.

Effectiveness: Most companies are surprised how quickly a Fractional CMO/CGO can start delivering meaningful results. This is not their first rodeo, and they know how to make impactful changes that can change the trajectory of any organization.

Flexibility: Every situation is different. Some companies may have one or two employees charged with Marketing and Sales. Others may have a team or an outside agency responsible for growth. A Fractional CMO/CGO can mobilize those resources and build efficiencies and cost savings. They can increase or decrease the hours required each month as required by the issues or management’s discretion.

Objectivity: It is often the case that a founder or senior management is simply too close to the problem to have an objective view of the solutions. Their young Marketing and Sales team does not have the experience to understand the options that may be available. A Fractional CMO/CGO can objectively look at the entirety of your business model and find opportunities or savings that were not obvious.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a CMO/CGO?