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Writer's block? Are you running out of ideas? Lack Motivation? We got you!


Bill Arnold

11/14/20235 min read

To be understood, they say, “Write a blog.”

To improve your SEO and increase organic traffic, they say “Write a blog.”

That all sounds easy until you're faced with a blank screen, the deadline is approaching, and you don't have a thought in your head. We have all been there. The more you concentrate, the deeper down the hole you go. Today, we solve whatever problem is keeping you from writing prose that will change the world; well, at least allow you to turn in a blog on time.

Writer's block is a real thing. You can be cranking out content, and suddenly, you are at a loss for what you should say next. Maybe you are lucky, and you have enough written that you can simply stop and write a conclusion. But what do you do if you are only 600 words into a long-form blog that has a 1500-word minimum?

The good news is that we have developed several strategies you can employ to overcome it.

Remove the Pressure - Most professional writers craft every word in a logical flow, focusing on continuity, grammar, and punctuation. We have discovered if the next word, sentence, or paragraph is not coming anytime soon, move on. Go to a different section of the article, where you are able to write. Often, we have found that when we circle back afterward, we have the clarity to complete the original section.

Change Your Environment - If you're feeling stuck, try changing your writing environment. Go to a different location, such as a coffee shop, park, or library. The new surroundings can stimulate your senses and provide a fresh perspective

Take a Break - Everyone has a go-to practice to help clear their mind and relax. Even if you are under a tight deadline, take a step back and relax. For me, it is a cup of coffee or a walk on the beach. Take a break that allows you to clear your mind, relax, and recharge. You will find that a calm mind facilitates the ability to write a good blog.

Seek Inspiration - Surf the internet for other sources or ideas. We are not suggesting you plagiarise another's work, but often after reading an article or blog, you will get inspired with your own thoughts and ideas.

Seek Help - Artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help writers have proliferated on the internet. These AI tools should NEVER be used to write the article but can be very useful in generating topics or helping to fill in the structure of the article.

Writer's Block

How to Find a Topic

When a person writes every day, they will eventually reach the point where they have simply run out of ideas. This can be the worst form of writer's block, because you simply do not have a starting point. There are a number of strategies and resources you can use that help you find a topic to write a topic.

Ask Sales/Customer Service - Your Sales and Customer Service team is constantly being asked questions from prospects and customers. These can be perfect topics for a blog, because they are real issues and problems that need to be addressed. Speak to each Sales and Customer Service person individually, and ask them the most common questions they are asked. Find out what specific questions they were asked this week.

Prevail asks ALL of our client's sales and support team members to keep a journal of what questions were asked and to share it with us each week.

Check the Buyer Personas Reports - Prevail Marketing generates three types of buyer persona reports:

  • Buyer Persona Report

  • Buyer's Sentiment Report

  • Buyers' Journey Report

We have found that when we are stumped, these reports provide a plethora of topics. Since we always do several additional buyer persona interviews each quarter for our clients, we never run out of fresh ideas for topics that will resonate with them.

Explore Different Mediums - Sometimes exploring a different medium can help you find inspiration for a blog topic. Take time out to listen to podcasts, webinars, or documentaries about the niche you wish to write about. Look for topic nuggets that were mentioned but not thoroughly addressed.

Utilize Online Tools - The internet is a treasure trove of resources for writers. There are numerous online tools and platforms that can help you generate new topic ideas. Some of these tools are:

You can also check online communities and forums, like Quora and Reddit, to see what topics and questions are being discussed.

AI-Generated Topics - There are a number of AI tools that will help you generate topic ideas for a blog. These tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze a wide range of data, including trending topics, popular keywords, and user preferences, to suggest relevant and engaging topics for blog articles.

We find using AI to generate topics is a great use-case for AI, but we believe it should be used as a last resort when the methods we suggested fail to provide a topic. Some of the AI tools we have used to generate topics are:

Nothing Works!

What do you do when NOTHING works? You've tried ALL the ideas we mentioned, you climbed a tall mountain in Tibet and sought wisdom from a guru, yet nothing. You are staring at a blank screen and the deadline is looming. We have the answer!

For decades we have been hoarding a special secret, a tool that was passed down to us by the masters. This tool is so valuable that years ago, we hid it away for fear that we would lose access. Well since then, we have become enlighted.

We heard a speaker talk about the virtues of sharing tricks and tips with other marketers so that our profession can grow and prosper. We became like the Grinch, and our hearts "GREW THREE SIZES THAT DAY." We now understand that by sharing this tool we will not lose its benefit but will be serving the world in a profound way.

So today, we decided to share this tool that will transform your digital presence and change the world through powerful prolific blogs.


Do NOT scroll down unless you are ready to accept this tool. Once accepted, you will NEVER have an excuse not to write that next blog. This tool is so powerful it will become indispensable. You will never be the same.

You must commit that you will ONLY use this tool after:

  • ALL the other strategies we noted above have failed

  • You are not in the mood to write

  • When a million other things seem more important

Scroll down when you are ready to lose all excuses and find the secret to successful blogging.

I present you with.....


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