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Hello, my name is Bill Arnold, and I want to welcome you to today's installment of how to grow your company through marketing sales.

Yesterday, I promised you something very special. First off, I promise I told you what marketing sales success meant to us, which is always defined as substantial increases in customers, revenue, and profitability, with no exceptions. But I told you yesterday that I was going to kill you that secret sauce, how we get that and I want to say we get this but 95% of the time. Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule. But by and large, if we follow this process, follow these guidelines. It will achieve marketing/sales success period.

I was asked today why am I willing to give this up? If it's such a valuable secret? Why am I telling the world are simply number one. I've told people this rule before I've told people and they've actually used it in the gun success, but takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of work. And most agencies are simply not willing to put in that effort. So I'll tell them I'll be glad to give the secret out to people, but I'm going to tell you that they will not engage it.

So let's talk about how you achieve marketing sales success almost every time. It requires four elements: people, a proven process, discipline, and a reporting system. A robust reporting system I've talked about in just a few minutes.

So let's talk about highly talented people first because you know what, I do not know a single agency will not claim they have the most highly talented people, period, bar none. And I'm sure they'd love to tell the people out there no question about it. But I think it's more than a cliche. I think you have to put your money where your mouth is. And so when I talk about telling the people we set up standards. For example, our strategists have to provide us a proven verifiable evidence that they've achieved success, marketing, sales success, and our definition, and that same vertical for hiring them, period. Content creators. There are a lot of content creators out there, but we require all of them to be brand journalists and marketers. What I mean by that brand journalists are people who know how to interview. They know how to write in a professional manner to get their point across. But they also have to be marketers because they have to write content that's going to get the individual the buyer persona, the buyer to move down that buyer's journey. And that takes a special skill. Designers must have wicked creative skills, no question about it. But they also must be marketers. They have to be able to tell us how their design elements are helping move people down that funnel and developers if you want a developer you want to make sure this person is certified on a platform you're using. For example, you do not want a HubSpot-certified person working on WordPress and vice versa. They need to be certified for the platform they're working on. When I talk about qualified talented people, more than just a cliche, but really what's required for them to be part of prevail marketing.

Let's talk about the process because this is the secret sauce. This is where it gets deep. This is where it gets to be in the weeds if you will. I will say this without fear of being surprised by anyone that we have the most comprehensive discovering assessment process of any agency period and the story. I know that worked for a lot of them and I know what they do and what they won't do. It takes a lot of effort. Even before we have it this begins I think before we even your client, okay, before you're our client, we do a snapshot report before we know we're having a meeting with you. And this snapshot report is a deep dive where we look at about 173/3 party data points about your business okay. Covering 35 different categories that tell us what may be the problems why you're not getting successful. Why are you coming to us before you even come to us? We kind of have the answer. We know we already have some ideas in mind. You know, we then we put together an engagement brief when you become a client. This engagement brief has 28 questions, but it's really your opportunity to tell us everything you think is important. Of course, we get all the basic details, like you know, that we need to have. But we want to give you that chance to make sure you're heard. We have an internal meeting with our staff based on those documents, so w we make sure we're all aligned before we have the first kickoff meeting with you. At that kickoff meeting, we want to make sure that you understand we have a plan going forward for how we're going to handle your account. And that plan begins with a discovery and assessment process. No exceptions. None. I will not take on a client unless they willingness to willing to help us do this. Because that's the only way I know I'm gonna get success and you're hiring me not for KPIs improvements. You're hiring me for marketing sales success. So what's involved in this discovery and assessment process? What makes me say that I think we have the most comprehensive plan of this process period first of all, there are four elements to it. A strategic buyer and seller report. I'll get to that detail. Buyer Persona report, buyer summary report, and the buyer's journey report. The latter three I'm going to talk about this over the next couple of days. But let's talk today about the buyer's strategic buyer and seller report. What is it? It's a detailed examination of your industry, your company, your competitors, and all factors that may be impacting your growth. This tends to be about 150 pages when we're done with analysis of commentary and recommendations. When we get done with this port. We know what needs to be addressed, and why your business is failing or not getting the success it needs to have. We know what's happening. Whether it's your website, whether it's your content, whether it's your outbound marketing, whether it's your sales, we look at all of that we look at the total addressable market and make sure you're targeting the right the right segment of your industry. But we look at you know, we look if I would recommend you go to our blog and look at the list. I'm not going to run it down because it's about 35 different items. But we looked at all these items and make sure that you we we know what your fact is going wrong.


How to achieve marketing success
How to achieve marketing success

How to Achieve Marketing and Sales Success!

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